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Dear Trainer,

 In an effort to better support the electronics industry, IPC is currently undergoing significant IT infrastructure upgrades. Unfortunately, some of these upgrades have negatively impacted a portion of our legacy systems, including the online PDF downloadable documents used for DVD student paper-based testing. We value our multimedia customers, and want to ensure that this transition to a new platform, and new delivery mechanisms does not impact your immediate training needs. We have therefore recreated the legacy paper-testing download system for your temporary use, until the new platform is implemented in 2018.

If you would like access to our temporary replacement, please email us at:  ipctraining@ipc.org  

2018 Transition

In 2018, IPC will release an upgraded version of the EDGE platform that will provide new testing and user management features for the electronics industry. This platform will provide users with online testing, digital certificate management, user tracking, online video streaming, and new digital content. As part of this transition we will also be offering new subscription products that will allow users to build video libraries to meet their training and testing needs. 

Additional information concerning our new testing platform and delivery methods will be made available in the coming months.