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About IPC Media Training

Computer-based video training and automated
E-testing for your PC or learning network.

Here you can access complete reviews of our electronics assembly video training and certification programs, in such diverse topics as: ESD Control, Hand Soldering, Component Identification, Lead Free Soldering, Operator Safety, A-610 Workmanship Standards, Surface Mount and Through Hole Processing, Rework & Repair, Wire Harness Assembly, and more.

Our library of technical training media and training certification programs for circuit board assemblers includes DVDs in multiple languages for group presentation, computer-friendly video files for distribution across your network or intranet, and free automated testing programs for your PC or network.

is a not-for-profit trade association and standards-developing organization serving over 3,300 member companies and the global electronics industry.  We have been producing award-winning media training for more than 25 years. Our programs are developed in cooperation with volunteer industry experts to insure that our training is free from commercial bias, and covers the broadest-base of industry concerns.