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Electronic Wire Harness Cable and Connector Assembly Training from IPC

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IPC training programs cover all aspects of wire harness cable and connector assembly training – from wire preparation, crimping and splicing – to coaxial and fiber optic connector assembly. Also, best-industry practices on wire harness assembly, as well as a Wire Harness Assembly Training and Reference Guide based on the IPC/WHMA-A-620 industry standard: Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies.

Here you can access Free Complete Online Reviews of our electronics assembly video training and certification programs for wire harness cable and connector assembly – as well as our entire library of assembly-related videos. You may also request our Free Demo DVD Catalog, to get the same reviews through the mail. Every electronic component training program includes unlimited testing and certificates of completion, or Training Certification, for students with passing grades.

Our Online Video Training (OVT) format contains the same video training as is found in our DVD programs below, and are suited for computer-based training – on your PC, learning network, or even within your Learning Mgmt. System (LMS).


Electronic Wire Harness Cable and Connector Assembly Training topics include…

DVD-PREP-A620B – Preparatory Course for IPC-A-620B CIS Certification

A-620B-ILLUS-S IPC/WHMA-A-620B Illustrations - Entire Image Set

DRM-WHA-B Wire Harness Assembly Training & Reference Guide

DVD-56C Wire Harness Assembly Methods

DVD-58C Introduction to Wire Crimping

DVD-59C Wire Preparation

DVD-60C The Seven Sins of Wire Harness Assembly

DVD-61C Wire Splicing

DVD-62C Electronic Connector Assembly

DVD-62C-BD-K Electronic Connector Assembly -- Blu-ray Disc

DVD-65C Fiber Optic Cable Assembly

DVD-167C Coaxial Cable Assembly

DVD-167C-BD-K Coaxial Cable Assembly - Blu-Ray Disc


Wire Harness Assembly - Alternate Languages (DVD)
Dual-language (with English) DVD.

DVD-FR56C Wire Harness Assembly Methods, FRENCH

DVD-FR58C Introduction to Wire Crimping, FRENCH

DVD-SP56C Wire Harness Assembly Methods, SPANISH

DVD-SP58C Introduction to Wire Crimping, SPANISH

DVD-SP59C Wire Preparation, SPANISH


Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Discounted Multi-Video Training Course…

EDU-105 – Wire Harness and Cable Assembly – DVD Training Course

1. DVD-56C Wire Harness Assembly

2. DVD-59C Wire Preparation

3. DVD-58C Wire Crimping

4. DVD-61C Wire Splicing

5. DVD-62C Connector Assembly

6. DVD-167C Coaxial Cable Assembly

7. DVD-60C 7 Sins of Wire Assembly

See our dedicated Wire Harness and Cable Assembly training website.