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IPC Instant Online Automated Testing Programs

Purchasers of any IPC training DVD may give their students immediate access to automated testing programs as found on the IPC website. These free computer-based tests come with randomized questions and automatic certificate-generation, or Training Certification, for all students with a passing grade of 70% or better.

Students can take the test at any time, no password required. A printable certificate of completion (Training Certification) is provided at the end of every exam, as well as instant email notification of student test data to an email address of their choice. (Email notification requires a suitable address be input by the student during login.)

Host your own automated video training with built-in testing programs that are customizable using IPC’s upgraded OVT (Online Video Training) product line.  For your PC, learning portal, or LMS (SCORM-compliant).

Or utilize these same testing programs while accessing the full collection of Electronics Assembly Video Training over the internet, using the OTL - Online Training Library.

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