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Lead Free Soldering Training from IPC

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IPC lead free soldering training videos cover: the basics of hand soldering for through-hole components using lead free solder; the differences (in process and visual appearance) between making lead free vs. tin-lead solder joints; acceptance criteria for lead free solder joints; through-hole solder joint rework with lead free; lead free surface mount rework; the major mistakes operators make while soldering with lead free solder; lead free solder refresher courses; the importance of handling moisture sensitive devices in the lead free soldering process; and lead free surface mount assembly. We also offer an interactive testing program to determine how well your operators or inspectors can evaluate an acceptable lead free solder joint and recognize lead free solder joint defects. A lead free image library containing 195 surface mount and through-hole lead free solder joint images can be used for developing your own in-house training program for lead free soldering.

Here you can access Free Complete Online Reviews of our electronics assembly video training and certification programs for Lead Free Soldering and Lead Free Hand Soldering. You may also request our Free Demo DVD Catalog, to get the same reviews through the mail. Every soldering program includes testing and certificates of completion or Training Certification, for students with passing grades.

Our Online Video Training (OVT) product line contains the same video training as is found on our DVD programs, but in alternate digital movie formats for your PC, Learning Network, or Intranet. Ideal to create your own automated, computer-based learning programs.

Lead Free Soldering Topics include...

DVD-41C - Through-Hole Rework (Includes Lead Free)

DVD-43C - Lead Free Hand Soldering for Through-Hole Components

DVD-45C - Lead Free Hand Soldering

DVD-67C - Lead Free Surface Mount Rework

DVD-68C - Lead Free Surface Mount Assembly

DVD-69C - Ray's Lead Free Hand Soldering Secrets

DVD-70C - The Seven Sins of Lead Free Soldering

DVD-79C - Handling Moisture Sensitive Devices

DVD-99C - Lead Free Conversion in Electronics Assembly

DVD-LFL - Lead Free Solder Joint (Photographic) Image Library

Lead Free Soldering Topics - Alternate Languages (DVD)

Most of these DVDs are dual-language, and allow you to toggle back and
forth between English and the other languages as listed below.

DVD-CH15C - Soldering Iron Tip Care - Chinese/English

DVD-CH45C - Lead Free Hand Soldering - Chinese/English

DVD-CH99C – Lead Free Conversion in Electronics Assembly – Chinese Only

DVD-FI45C – Lead Free Hand Soldering – English with Finnish Subtitles

DVD-FR45C – Lead Free Hand Soldering – French/English

DVD-RU45C - Lead Free Hand Soldering - Russian/English

DVD-SP15C - Soldering Iron Tip Care - Spanish/English

DVD-RU99C - Lead Free Conversion in Electronics Assembly – Russian/English

DVD-SP45C - Lead Free Hand Soldering - Spanish/English

DVD-SP79C – Handling Moisture Sensitive Devices – Spanish/English

DVD-SP99C – Lead Free Conversion in Electronics Assembly – Spanish/English


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