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OVT - Online Video Training for YOUR Server

What is OVT? – A 90-second video explaining this flexible media training platform – for both classroom and computer.

How to Translate your OVT - This 60-second video shows how to translate any OVT into the language of your choice.

Download OVT Demo – Only 99 MB - Fully Functional Free Trial

Quick Start Installation Guide – Get your free trial of the “OVT Demo” up and running fast.

Full User’s Guide – Additional technical details on OVT installation, customization and function – for your IT staff.

Complete OVT Product Listing – All of our OVT programs in Site License version (Global Licenses also available).

OVT Assembly Training Library – Purchase the entire library of OVT Training at a 50% discount.

Licensing Restrictions – Our Permissible Use page (see "Online Video Training Resources").

Our SCORM-compliant Online Video Training (OVT) programs provide everything you need to deliver computer-based training with automated testing over your PC, network / intranet, or even through your Learning Management System (LMS).

**** Download a fully-functional OVT Free Trial (99 MB) to try out on your server. Use our Quick Install Guide to get up and running fast. Give your IT Department this Full User’s Guide for further information on installation, customization and function. ****

Now, any computer in your organization can be an instant online training center. It's cost-effective, easy-to-implement, and contains the same video content as delivered in our popular DVD training programs. Includes optional SDH – Subtitles for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing – with full translation capability of the subtitles/captions and exams.

The OVT Site License version allows you to train and test an unlimited number of students at a single facility or company location. You may also train throughout all company facilities – worldwide – using the Global License option. There are no seats to purchase or keep track of, and no annual renewals or expirations that cost you more every year. Buy once use forever. Plus, you may upgrade from DVD to OVT at any time, receive full credit for any DVD training program previously purchased from IPC against the cost of the same OVT version. (You may even keep the DVD for use in your classroom presentations.)

Our licensing policy for Online Video Training is simple and flexible -- saving you time and money. Be safe behind your own firewall, and get the benefits of on-demand learning from the industry leader in electronics assembly training.

All OVT programs include optional exam customization, randomized test questions, email notification of test results, wrong answer listing and Training Certification via automated generation of certificates of completion for students with a passing score. Sample scripts in ASP and PHP are also available for help in setting up automatic email notification. For LMS users, student test data can be sent directly to your LMS database.

*** Now with full-screen video display, and optional SDH, Subtitles for the Deaf of Hard of Hearing. ***

You may find all product descriptions, free complete online previews of the video content, pricing and online ordering information, by using our Complete Product Listing. You may even purchase the entire OVT Library (Site or Global) at a 50% discount.

Now you can have the convenience of anytime / anywhere online access to award-winning IPC video training programs on your own computer or learning network. And, with automated testing, you no longer have to distribute paper exams and grade them by hand.

Notes: OVT programs are self-contained, automated testing applications with built-in MP4 movie files in either 640 x 480 (standard definition 4:3 format), or 864 x 480 (wide-screen, 16:9 format). They are designed for playback within the Internet Explorer web browser. OVT videos are ideally suited for viewing over a PC monitor. For group training sessions using a large video display, such as wide-screen television monitors, the OVT “full-screen” option can be used, or consider our DVD product line, with images at high resolution.