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Sample YouTube video on Hand Soldering Training For Through-Hole Components. See "DVD-142C" link below for free complete review using our WMV demos.

Hand Soldering Training from IPC

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IPC hand soldering training videos cover the basics of both tin-lead and lead free solder. Including new techniques for lead free soldering; lead free alloys; the fundamentals of correct hand soldering technique: temperature selection, tip types and applications, heat transfer principles, how to avoid thermal damage; proper wetting, tip tinning and cleaning, and low residue fluxes. Even common soldering mistakes, such as excess temperature and pressure, improper solder heat-bridge, wrong tip size, etc. How to solder terminals, and more!

Here you can access free complete online reviews of our electronics assembly video training programs for Hand Soldering. You may also request our free Demo DVD Catalog, to get the same reviews through the mail.

Hand Solder training also available in the  IPC Edge for automated online training and testing.  

Hand Soldering Topics include...

DVD-144C  Hand Soldering – SMT Component Installation

DVD-145C Basic SMT Rework – Without Component Removal (Edge)

DVD-142C Intro to Hand Soldering

DVD-196C  Area Array Rework

DVD-HSE – Hand Soldering Essentials / Seven-DVD Set

DVD-RS – Rework Solutions

DVD-111C – Advanced Hand Soldering Techniques

DVD-15C - Soldering Iron Tip Care

DVD-18C - Soldering Terminals

DVD-45C - Lead Free Hand Soldering

DVD-49C - The Seven Sins of Hand Soldering

DVD-69C - Ray's Lead Free Hand Soldering Secrets

DVD-70C – The Seven Sins of Lead Free Soldering

DVD-99C - Lead Free Conversion in Electronics Assembly

DVD-36C - Hand Soldering with Low Residue Flux

DVD-LFL - Lead Free Solder Joint (Photographic) Image Library

Hand Soldering Topics - Alternate Languages (DVD)

These dual-language DVDs allow you to toggle back and forth between English and the alternate languages as listed below.

DVD-CH42/43C - Hand Soldering for Through Hole Components (Tin-Lead Solder) - Chinese/English

DVD-CH45C - Lead Free Hand Soldering - Chinese/English

DVD-CH49C - The Seven Sins of Hand Soldering - Chinese/English

DVD-FR15C - Soldering Iron Tip Care - French/English

DVD-FR42C - Hand Soldering for Through Hole Components (Tin-Lead Solder) - French/English

DVD-FR45C – Lead Free Hand Soldering – French/English

DVD-RU45C - Lead Free Hand Soldering - Russian/English

DVD-SP15C - Soldering Iron Tip Care - Spanish/English

DVD-SP18C - Soldering Terminals - Spanish/English

DVD-SP42/43C - Hand Soldering for Through Hole Components (Tin-Lead Solder) - Spanish/English

DVD-SP45C - Lead Free Hand Soldering - Spanish/English

DVD-SP49C - The Seven Sins of Hand Soldering - Spanish/English


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