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ESD Control Training from IPC & ESDA
Become an Certified ESD Trainer (CET) with a new online certification program from IPC and the ESD Association. Achieve a 2-year, industry-recognized certification through IPC’s new EDGE learning portal.  Learn basic ESD Control principles, advanced ESD Control, and everything a trainer should know to certify assembly operators. The program also provides the tools and knowledge you need to give your own company-specific presentation on industry-approved ESD Control policies and procedures.  Once you have your CET accreditation, you are then qualified to administer the Operator-Level certification program – ESD Certified Operator (ECO).

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IPC training videos cover the basics of ESD Control in Electronics Assembly for line operators, material handlers (shipping & receiving and internal transport), IT and service technicians, and non-touch or administrative personnel.  There are also refresher / recertification programs in ESD control to use for  your recurring ESD training requirements or ISO audits.

Here you can access Free Complete Online Reviews of our electronics assembly video training and certification programs for ESD Control – as well as our entire library of assembly-related videos. You may also request our Free Demo DVD Catalog, to get the same reviews through the mail.

Use IPC EDGE for automated online training and testing.

ESD Control Training topics include...

ESD Control for Electronics Assembly (Edge Only).  Created in close collaboration with the ESD Association, is our newest ESD program for production staff, or operators.

DVD-54C – ESD Control for Electronics Assembly Operators.  Our original ESD program for operators.  Also available in numerous languages (see “Alternate Languages” below).

DVD-77C – ESD Control for Material Handlers.  Give shipping & receiving the special ESD attention they deserve, without the overkill of information required for manufacturing staff.  Also good for anyone transporting sensitive devices within your facility.

DVD-76C – ESD Control for Non-Manufacturing Personnel.  Even administrative staff need to know the ESD basics before they go wandering around the shop floor.

DVD-55C – ESD Control for IT and Electronics Service Technicians.  ESD training designed for anyone working on electronic assemblies after they’re manufactured.

DVD-78C – Sevens Sins of ESD Control.   Ideal for retraining or recertification in ESD.  Great refresher course to eliminate those bad habits.

DVD-75C – Ray’s ESD Prevention Secrets.  IPC Master Instructor, Ray Cirimele, reveals highly effective habits for ESD control in your facility.  Use as basic ESD instruction or as a refresher course.

DVD-ESD-K – ESD Fundamentals, Six-DVD Set. A 33% savings over individual list price. Everything you need to train ESD control to your entire staff.

ESD Training - Alternate Languages (DVD)
Dual-language (with English) DVDs.

DVD-CH54C – ESD Control for Operators, CHINESE

DVD-DE54C – ESD Control for Operators, GERMAN

DVD-FR54C – ESD Control for Operators, FRENCH

DVD-RU54C – ESD Control for Operators, RUSSIAN

DVD-SE54C – ESD Control for Operators, SWEDISH

DVD-SP54C – ESD Control for Operators, SPANISH

DVD-SP74C – ESD Control for Electronics Assembly, SPANISH

DVD-SP78C – Seven Sins of ESD Control, SPANISH

DVD-VN54C – ESD Control for Operators, VIETNAMESE