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IPC training programs cover all aspects of electronic components – from component identification, to the special handling considerations of moisture sensitive components.  Also, take the mystery out of both component number and component color calculation using state-of-the-art video and computer-based training and testing.  Even programs for component preparation and manual insertion, as well as print reading for electronic components are available.

Here you can access Free Complete Online Reviews of our electronics assembly video training and certification programs for electronic components – as well as our entire library of assembly-related videos. You may also request our Free Demo DVD Catalog, to get the same reviews through the mail. Every electronic component training program includes unlimited testing and certificates of completion, or Training Certification, for students with passing grades.

Our Online Video Training (OVT) format contains the same video training as is found in our DVD programs below, and are suited for computer-based training – on your PC, learning network, or even within your Learning Mgmt. System (LMS).

Electronic Component Training topics include…

DVD-180C - Component Level Defects / Acceptance Criteria from IPC-A-610F

DRM-18H  Component Identification Training and Reference Guide 

DVD-166C Counterfeit Components

DVD-164C  Component Color Codes

DVD-165C  Component Number Codes

DVD-44C  Component Preparation and Manual Insertion

DVD-57C  Stockroom Materials - Storage and Distribution

DVD-64C-K  Component Identification

DVD-179C  Handling Moisture Sensitive Devices

DVD-8C  Print Reading for Electronics Assembly

ESD Training - Alternate Languages (DVD)

Dual-language (with English) DVD.

DVD-SP64 - Component Identification, SPANISH


Electronic Component Discounted Multi-Video Training Sets…

 DVD-COMP-K  Component Fundamentals – Six-DVD Set