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Sample YouTube video on A-610
for solder joint acceptance standards.
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A-610 Solder Joint Acceptance Training from IPC

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IPC training videos cover: basic solder joint acceptance for through-hole and surface mount solder joints per the IPC-A-610. Using video training and technical reference in booklet and poster form, IPC makes it easy to instruct your operators and inspectors in the critical evaluation criteria from this important industry standard. Includes interactive solder joint evaluation, quick reference guides and laminated posters for wall mount. Use our video training to deliver the fundamentals on proper through-hole, chip, j-lead, and gull wing, BGA and BTC solder joints.

Here you can access Free Complete Online Reviews of our training and certification programs for A-610 acceptance. You may also request our Free Demo DVD Catalog, to get the same reviews through the mail.

Solder joint acceptance training also available in IPC Edge for automated online training and testing.

A-610 Training and Reference Titles include...

Component Level Defects / Acceptance Criteria from IPC-A-610F (Edge Only)

DVD-PREP-A610F – Preparatory Course for IPC-A-610F CIS Certification

DVD-PREP-J001F – Preparatory Course for IPC-J-STD-001F CIS Certification

DVD-71C - IPC-A-610F Common Inspection Errors

DVD-SMT-F - Surface Mount Solder Joint Quality Standards Training

DVD-PTH-F - Through-Hole Solder Joint Quality Standards Training

DRM-SMT-F - Surface Mount Evaluation Training & Reference Guide

DRM-PTH-F - Through-Hole Evaluation Training & Reference Guide

P-PTH-F - Through Hole Solder Joint Evaluation Wall Poster

P-SMT-F - Surface Mount Solder Joint Evaluation Wall Poster

DVD-88C - Bare Board Defect Recognition (for Assemblers)

A-610F-ILLUS – A-610F Illustrations (Clip Art)

A-610 Training Topics - Alternate Languages (DVD)

The following DVDs are dual-language, and allow you to toggle back and forth between English and the other languages as listed below. Note: some of these titles are to earlier revisions of the A-610.

DVD-SP88C - Bare Board Defect Recognition - Spanish/English

DVD-SPPTH-E - Through-Hole Solder Joint Workmanship Standards - Spanish/English

DVD-SPSMT-E - Surface Mount Solder Joint Workmanship Standards - Spanish/English

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